Organic Mandarines and Almonds València
Organic Mandarines and Almonds València

Organic tangerines, clemenules Valencia, Spain, producer, exporter

Certified: Our tangerines are regularly certified by the Organic Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community, CAECV: ES-ECO-020-CV.

Genuine: The Clemenules (clementine from Nules) variety originated in the region of "La Plana Baixa de Castelló" where the most delicious biotangerines are grown. Our plantation is located in that region and belongs to the town of Onda (polygon 50, plots 28 and 44).

Guaranteed: The quality of our clementine tangerines is indeed guaranteed because we only sell mandarins grown and harvested in our fields.
Fresh: Our tangerines are only collected
 after the client has requested them and are transported immediately. They have never been stored.

Sustainable: Our growing process, completely
 natural, contributes to sustainability and environmental protection.

Traditional: My family has been producing oranges since 1900, always with the highest quality and reliability. We have provided the main traders in Valencia oranges and tangerines for European export.

Specialists: We are currently specialized in clementine tangerines with varieties
 of organic Clemenules and Marisol, also in organic almonds

We export throughout europe in palettes of 800/900 k. Organic Mandarins Valencia is a producer of reference of Valencian clementines for the national and international market.




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